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Scholarship Deadlines
Deadline Type of Scholarship Semester
April 15 Basic and Competitive Fall
November 15 Basic Spring
March 15 Basic Summer

Please note: If a deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will automatically be adjusted to the next business day. For example, the November 2014 deadline will be Monday, November 17, as November 15 is a Saturday.

What's New
Language Training Evaluation Report

Last fall, Doyon Foundation hosted a training on the Where Are Your Keys (WAYK) language learning system. WAYK founder, Evan Gardner, facilitated the training, which took place in Fairbanks. The intent behind this system of learning is to train people on how to quickly become fluent speakers of indigenous languages. Thirty people attended the training, coming from different Athabascan villages throughout the Doyon region. In an effort to find out how successful the training was, and to learn how we could improve future trainings, we completed a post-training evaluation. The full report is now available here. A special thank you to Elias Saylor, our summer intern, who completed the report with support from Evaluation Research Associates.

Fall Language Trainings
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Partnership Formed to Produce Next-Generation Technology-Based Learning Materials for Endangered Athabascan Languages of Alaska
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Foundation Celebrates Scholarship Recipients

DF Award Ceremony

We celebrated our fall 2014 recipients at a scholarship award ceremony held in Fairbanks on September 5. Read more about the ceremony here.

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To provide educational, career and cultural opportunities to enhance the identity and quality of life for Doyon shareholders.

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The Late Reverend Traditional Chief Doctor David Salmon   "Athabascans never give up - they always keep going - for 10,000 years. Education is the most important weapon for Athabascan people today - use your education in a good way."

- The Late Reverend Traditional Chief
Doctor David Salmon