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2008-2009 Competitive Scholarships
64 competitive scholarship awards totaling $257,000
1 Committee Choice $2,000
2 Committee Choice (Junior or Senior with a 2.3-2.9 GPA) $3,000
2 Native Language/Cultural degree program $3,000
2 Junior or Senior in a Business degree program $5,000
2 Graduate $7,000
2 Ph.D. $7,000

The Morris Thompson Scholarship Fund was developed to honor the late Morris Thompson’s vision and dedication to youth and education. Morris was a Doyon Shareholder who was born and raised in the Yukon River village of Tanana. Employed by Doyon, Limited since 1981, Thompson was initially hired as Vice President and in October of 1985 was appointed its President and Chief Executive Officer; a position he held until his passing on January 31, 2000. These scholarships are given to Native students who exhibit the qualities admired in Morris; vision, leadership and integrity.

Junior or Senior with a 2.3-2.9 GPA
A shareholder from the village of Northway, Rosemarie Maher was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Doyon Limited for 18 months before passing away in July 2001. Rosemarie also served as a board member and chair person on the Doyon, Limited board of directors since 1979. She was a fine example of leadership and in honor of her memory and her dedication to the betterment of her people; the Doyon Foundation has established the Rosemarie Maher Scholarship Fund. The fund has been established in most part due to both public and private citizens wishing to honor her by donating funds to the Doyon Foundation to support the educational goals of Doyon shareholders.

Tourism or Business Management
The Sunnyboy Memorial Scholarship was established to honor Terrence Sunnyboy, Jr. (JR), a Doyon Foundation student from North Pole/Nenana who passed away on January 14, 2001. JR was enthusiastic about pursuing his education. He had plans to enter the tourism industry. Prior to his passing, he held several tourism-related positions, and dreamed of opening a site along the Tanana River, where visitors could learn how fish camps fit in with a subsistence lifestyle. The Sunnyboy family formed the scholarship to assist young people with a passion for tourism and/or business management in their pursuit of an education and a solid future.

The Randy Ruedrich undergraduate engineering award is given to a junior or senior attending any one of the following universities in any of the listed fields of study. Student must be full time, complete a minimum of 14 credit hours per term with a minimum GPA ratio of 2.75 on a 4.0 maximum basis.

Colorado School of Mines Chemical Engineering
Leeland Stanford University Chemistry
Louisiana State University Electrical Engineering
Montana Tech. University Mechanical Engineering
University of Alaska Fairbanks Petroleum Engineering
University of Oklahoma Petroleum Geology
University of Washington Physics
University of Wyoming

Other awards available:
3 Business $3,000
2 Business Graduate $7,000
11 Committee Choice $3,000
1 Committee Choice $5,000
2 Committee Choice (Freshman/Sophomore) $3,000
1 Committee Choice $2,000
1 Education (Junior/Senior) $5,000
1 Education (Junior/Senior) $3,000
1 Engineering $5,000
1 Engineering (Junior/Senior) $3,000
1 Fairbanks Native Association (Non-Traditional Freshman or Sophomore) $2,000
4 Graduate $7,000
3 Health $3,000
4 Indigenous Studies $3,000
1 KPMG Accounting (Junior/Senior) $5,000
1 Liberal Art $6,000
1 Liberal Art $5,000
1 Liberal Art $3,000
2 Ph.D. $7,000
3 Science $2,000
1 Science $3,000
1 Science (Junior or Senior) $6,000
1 Sociology/Political Science/Psychology $3,000
1 Vocational $5,000
1 Vocational $3,000